Hello little BIG world!!!

Why is much harder to talk about yourself when it comes down to writing, well in this case and most cases now its typing. I once read somewhere that “Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things
have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.”
– Rumi, Im sure it was him who said that, please excuse me if im wrong! …Sooooo I have decided to unfold and share with you my stories and myths but, before we proceed lets do the old fashion and mannered way of traditionally introducing myself.

Name: Hanna(without a h at the end) Qureshi, Age: 20, Born: BEAUTIFUL city of LONDON, Originate: Father- India(Gujarat), Mother- Malawi(Africa),Grandparents- Pakistan  Siblings: One elder sister, Loves: FOOD (who doesnt!?) Dislikes: LIES&LIARS!!!!!! Occupation: Student…Why does this seem more harder th
an I intended it to be.

Why am I blogging?- Well, I’ve always been the ‘chatterbox’ in every situation possible I can think of, but that can sometimes be an issue I talk so much and so FAST (90mph) that I can forget what I said to people and the advice I give them. I also always write in my diary and thought why dont I express what I write to you guys!

What is my blog about?- EVERYTHING and ANYTHING!!! I am guilty of being an unhealthy addict of reading makeup reviews and blogs on anything and everything. I have avidly read other blogs and watch countless YouTube videos and finally gained some courage to blog myself.

WOW this was harder than I thought, but I hope you enjoyed reading this   as much as I enjoyed writing this!!

…So till next time Ciao Bella [X0X]

Shoes- little shop from Leicester, Jeans- TopShop, scarf- NewLook, Top- H&M


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